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Now we are already a few days in Tehran and about to get back on the road. Iran is an incredible country, especially for its people. It does not matter if religious or not, everybody tries to help when they see that you have a need.  In general the young generation is really open minded, they are curious and also very aware of the world outside Tehran, its differences and way of living. It is interesting listening to them and understanding their own feelings.

We arrived here during Ramadam, the religious celebration that last a month and where Muslim people do not eat during the day. As you can imagine, and due to the characteristics of this Islam country, the streets were deserted and of course no open restaurants were found during the day.  We had to conform buying few snacks and water to keep the energies  up.

As a funny note, the first day in Tehran Hudie experienced some strange looks from locals, because she was wearing a dress that showed her ankles.no leggings  She was feeling totally uncomfortable and a bit ashamed for the intensity of the looks. Because of that, we have to stop in the first ladies shop we saw to get her some leggings so she could dress properly according to the moral rules of Islam in Iran.  After this she has been sweating litres because the temperature is around 40°C and she must wear a lot of clothes. However, we get distracted walking on the streets, enjoying the smiles of the people who greet us when we pass by, including army soldiers, store owners, old men and curious youngsters.

So far we have met great locals that have introduced this nice city to us and who have explained their political points of view and their culinary skills. The food is delicious and must be made with a lot of dedication. So we are more than grateful!!

We really enjoy our time here and can only recommend this place for visiting.


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