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Our last days in Iran. Tomorrow we will start our way to Turkey leaving this beautiful country with its incredible people behind.

It took us only two rides for which we did not had to wait longer than five minutes to get to Tabriz. And even it was already midday when we finally were on the road, we reached Tabriz before eight o’clock at night.

On the way On the way 2 On the way 3 On the way 4

And here we were lucky enough to find new friends, that did not miss any chance to show us their beautiful city and let us take part in their customs.

Looking back at these close to ten days here in Iran I feel a bit sad to have to leave this country tomorrow, because we are still under time pressure and it is a long way from here to Germany. There is only one good thing for us leaving Iran, which is, that Hudie does not have to cover herself totally up any more and I can wear short trousers in this heat.

Bazar blue mosk Carpet stonetown sunset

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