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We got from Istanbul to Sophia in Bulgaria in no time, being really warmly welcomed to Bulgaria by Boby and his gipsy friend Goze. We stayed the night at Boby’s place and had an amazing barbecue with more food than is usually served at Christmas time at my home.

Barbecue Mohammed Bobys friends

But then, next day we had to realize how lucky we were with our trip till now, because we were standing on the road for more than four hours and nobody stopped for us. So we slept in our tent next to the motorway, to be able to try our luck next day early morning again. We did so but even the next day we did not catch a ride till midday and we decided to get into Sofia city centre and find a bus directly to Budapest.

our tent no more energy

But as we did not have any local money on us, we also had to hitch hike. Luckily it took less than half an hour, till Costadin came to pick us up. This man really saved us and at the same time he told us a lot about Bulgaria.


In the end we could not take any bus to Budapest nor Vienna, not only because they were full, but because they all cross Serbia, which causes some Visa issues for Hudie again. That is why we are now in Bucharest. And tomorrow we will try to make our way to Budapest.

shopping street wedding and tatoo Sunrise in nomens land between Bulgaria and Romania

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