Finally in Germany

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DSC04036Now we are in Germany for already more than a week. We got really fast from Bucharest to Budapest, but than it took us two days to get to Germany. Maybe end of summer holidays is not the best time for hitch hiking, as every car is packed with people and luggage. And we had to wait more than 5 hours in Budapest to catch a ride and more than 6 in Austria.DSC04028

DSC04021 DSC04024But anyway, finally we arrived. It was an incredible journey which we did in really short time. It surely would have been nicer to have 3 or 4 month for this trip. We did it in a bit more than one month and with all the impressions we got it seems like the day we left Zhengzhou was already years ago.

Now we are with family and enjoy a bit of comfort here in Germany. It will still take till middle of September until we are back in China and able to post for you with translations.

Thanks for all the support we received from all you people on this journey.

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