Experiencing Urumqi

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We have been in Urumqi for few days now. So far it is wonderful! This is a city with an unique charm and it is well known for its multi-ethnic environment, diverse cultural traditions and picturesque languages.

We are still in Chinese territory, but due to the multiple languages spoken in every corner here, and the so different looks of the people whom backgrounds are Kazakh, Uyghur, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, etc…it is hard to remember that we are still in China.

All the stores, taxis or buildings have their names written at least in 2 languages. Others in 3  and many even in 4. There is happy Uyghur, Kazak or Turkish music playing everywhere… the bazaar is full of colour, smells, products to make specially the Muslim and in general, all woman beautiful. and the food is delicious, mainly made with Halal meat.

Definitely, an spectacle! this is a place to visit!

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