Arriving in Turkey

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Five days ago we crossed the border to come to Turkey. Since the first moment we step on this country we found people willing to help and give us a free ride.

We arrived without the local currency or any currency in cash. We just had a Chinese bank card to withdrawal from a ATM. It was not a problem, almost immediately we found a truck driver who took us a long way, invited us diner and also breakfast the next morning.

The landscape is stunning, full of giant mountains, green and brown. So we enjoy the long hours in the high way.

Next we meet Halil and Atilla, two university professors who took us with them to collect samples of soils and roots to study the diseases that affect them and of course, find a solution for the future crops. With them we spent long hours and had the opportunity to see tourists sites that we wouldn’t have the opportunity if we were just hitch hiking.

The rest to the journey until Istanbul was mainly in huge, slow trucks with friendly and funny drivers.  IN one stop we met some farmers who kindly invited us for a traditional diner in their home. That night we slept in front of a big lake and too advantage of this place to enjoy an amazing bath in the morning.

As the language in a barrier, we spent a lot of energy trying to explain our trip, or introducing ourselves to the local people we met; but in the end, with so many smiles, clarifications and exaggerated body language it was all a success and we met great people that is now part of our story and we can call friends.

Thank you all Amazing beings, for giving a hand to these two travellers!

coming next: Istanbul City… the Paris of the Arabs!

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