Living International


You might know the feeling as well. After an adventurous holiday you arrive back home and empty your luggage. The smell of your cloth and the souvenirs you brought instantly remind you of all these incredible things you experienced. And somehow you feel like you were leaving the place just when you started to adapt yourself and slowly felt comfortable with the people and the environment you were visiting. How nice would it be to not just be a visitor, but to really form part of that interesting society, which still has so much to teach you…
But no, the clothes have to be washed and the souvenirs have to be given to your loved ones and tomorrow you will find yourself back in daily life where time just floats by and before you realize it you are retired asking yourself what you did in all these years…
One way of avoiding this is by actually living abroad for a longer time. Of course it is not for everybody, as there are quite a few inconveniences connected to it as well. But to help you facilitate the transition a little bit, we want to share our experiences with you.

Culture Shock

One of the biggest problems you might be facing when moving abroad is that the culture of the new country is not the same as it is in your country. People behave different, think different and put priorities on different things than you do. Culture Shock is what makes it difficult for people to integrate and many after some time start looking down on the people of the country they visit. Often you can find these people hanging around in bars complaining about the country they live in and praising their home countries. So with this section we want to help you to develop some awareness and an open mind to help you to face the new culture without being shocked. Thereby hopefully you will be able to tolerate and understand differences without looking down on them.


Another difficulty you probably will have to face at some point are the bureaucratic boundaries. So here we also want to share our experiences concerning these difficulties hoping to make it a little bit easier for you to get some of the important paperwork done.

Living Abroad

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Even though our Philosophy prevents us from a lot of ways of making money, as we would consider them as not in line with our principles, one still has to make money to be able to live in an other country. Besides this it is fundamental to be able to speak with the people who live around you. Otherwise you can not really say that you have been living in another culture. Therefore we will also share our experiences about learning languages here with you and hope we can motivate you to not give up when learning another laguage.


Thinking about family you might be confronted with two parts. On the one side you yourself might have started your own family already and are planning to live with your loved ones in an other country. Then you might want to know about pregnancy, parenting, living together or family traditions as they develop when not bound to the culture of your home country.
The other part is the one you leave behind. This surely might not be easy, but reunions also will get a much higher value. Suddenly mothers food tastes even better and coming back home is like a journey to the past, to the life you chose to leave behind.
So here you will get an idea of what your family life can be like, when living abroad.


And of course, besides many other positive aspects of living international, the food you will be enjoying is a really important one. You will taste dishes you never heard of before and learn to prepare them as well and so be able to let your loved ones in your home country travel with you for a dish or two.