Why do a PDC?

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Today I want to start talking about our experience in Rak Tamachat Thailand. It is also the starting point for a new Chapter here on AIcando.org, because here we started to concretely work for our dream, which is moving to Africa and build up a self-sustainable farm which in the long run will serve as a teaching centre to the local population. But therefore, before anything, we have to acquire more knowledge about sustainable farming in general. And this is what we obtained at Rak Tamachat by doing Permaculture-Design-Course (PDC).

It was a really intensive course, which taught us a lot of useful things for our future life. From farming and community life up to building your own house, there was a bit of everything.

So the video today is a little introduction and shows you what kind of people come to do a permaculture course and why.

Especially inspiring were Laurence and Kimbo  who were at that time just a few steps before finally realizing their project of an ecological yogafarm,the Keelayogafarm.

As the majority of people interviewed here, are native English speakers, this video is completely in English, but as usual you can find subtitles by pressing the CC button in the down-right corner.


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