Biochar and Composting

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One of the most important things for a sustainable agriculture is soil-management. What can we do to improve the quality of our soil and what can we do to maintain a good quality of our soil are two really important questions that we have to ask our selves if we do not want to turn the cultivated land into wasteland.

Therefore, when we were at Rak Tamachat in Thailand, one of the first things we had to learn was how to make compost and biochar. No matter how bad our soil is, we can always improve it by different methods.

Composting surely is the most basic method in which we brake down organic material into fertile soil for our fields. The heat produced during the process assures us furthermore, that any unwanted seeds in the soil will not start flowering when spread on our fields.

Biochar is nothing but small pieces of charcoal (at best produced in an ecological way) which we mix into our soil. On the one hand it is a way to hinder the carbons entering our atmosphere and keep them in our soil. On the other hand the carbon molecules provide a big surface area which has a better water holding capacity and allows more micro-organisms on a smaller space and it is the micro-organisms that help us to keep our soil healthy.

Enjoy our video and let us know any suggestions you got. Especially about the production of biochar there might be some different approaches.



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