Natural Cosmetic of the Uyghur Culture

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Walking through the streets of Urumqi, we noticed that many of the women wear a proud “uni-eyebrow” very marked and defined. I inquired about the matter to our friend Dildar and she explained that in Uyghur culture having thick, dark and united eyebrows is a sign of beauty for the women. So, to get such a look, many women faithful to the tradition use a plant called “Osma” (Isatis Tinctora L.) that posses properties related to the strengthening, darken and growing of the hair.
As this plant from Central Asia is a daily beauty item for women, we can see many vendors offering it for an affordable price for anyone who needs it.




Due to my curiosity, our friend Dildar invited me to see with my own eyes the process to fabric the extract that is used to beautify the hair. I accompanied her to buy the leaves of the Osma plant and for 5 Yuan, we bought a bunch of green fresh leaves.


At home, Dildar put a few leaves in the palm of her hand, and slowly but firmly began kneading them to warm them with the warmth of her hand and make them soft. Then she proceeded to squeeze the contents of the leaves in the back of a cup of tea. The extract resulting of this process is dark green with a fresh grass scent . It must be put directly in the hair, eyebrows or eyelashes several times until one can see that the hairs look darker. It should be left on the hair without rinse it with water. It is also recommended to follow the process as often as necessary until getting the desired darkness.

If Osma plant extract is applied every day then the dark color will be permanent for a longer period of time and would not disappear when washed. On the other hand, if the procedure is done only once, then by the time of washing the hair with water the color would disappear.

Here are some pictures of my natural cosmetic session in the Uyghur style!


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