What to do on a Summer day in Zhengzhou?

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Zhengzhou might not be the most beautiful city you can think of but that does not mean that there are no nice places to go. One thing that I like about China is that it seems really important to have nice, well maintained public parks where people can go to relax, do sports or just observe other people. Zhengzhou is no exception. There is two big parks in the centre, the Renmin park and the Zijngshan park. Renmin park is huge and has a lot of attractions from a roller-coaster to  little plastic cars you can hire to drive around in the park. But the nicest thing to see is how people meet up here sharing time and interests.

Before I came to China I thought it is mainly young people who sit around on the streets playing music, dancing or just not doing anything. But here in China it is just the other way around. A lot of people have to work all their life until they finally are old enough to retire and can do what they want to do. It feels a bit like the old people here become children again. Without shame at all they are dancing, singing, playing. It is a big contrast to the way many old people in Germany pass their days which is mainly sitting in front of the TV. Though I guess it is changing here as well. When we look at our students here, being totally addicted to their mobile phones, I do not see them jumping around as healthy and young as the old people you can see here in public parks these days.

Besides you can go to Zijingshan Park and watch the lotus flowers, which are just beautiful. And even though it is not the nicest thing to do to these little animals, it is nice to see all the people with their children trying to catch fish and then throwing them back into the water again. People are relaxed and everybody seems to come here to leave the chaos of the city behind for a while which gives the whole scenery a vacation like atmosphere.

So, get yourself a snack at one of the entrances walk around and just enjoy watching people actually doing what they like to do.

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