From O.R. Tambo to Parkstation

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Ok, let’s see where we find a taxi to Parkstation. We go out the terminal and immediately there are a bunch of people shouting at us: “Taxi, taxi!!”. The thing with Johannesburg is that it has kind of the same fame as Caracas and a lot of things you hear about this city make you feel anxious and some where in the back of my head I have pictures of a taxi driver taking us to a remote place raping Hudie and stealing all our luggage. The unknown is always a bit scary, especially if it has such a bad reputation.

The taxi drivers all are wearing this neon uniform which seems to indicate, that they are approved airport taxi drivers, and one of them takes us to his car which is from a famous, expensive German brand, so we feel more secure already.

Last time we came back from Mozambique, we had a better feeling for Africa after we had been travelling here for a month, so we took a mini bus to get to the airport. This surely was much cheaper. But now with so much luggage and also all this equipment we are carrying around with us, in addition to the pain Hudie is feeling in her foot, we just take the more expensive, but also much more convenient taxi.

The ride takes about an hour for which we will have to pay our first 480 Rand. The road is in a really good condition and around us everything looks well organized and clean. Much better as the standards we are used to in Zhengzhou.

Now in Parkstation we are the first time really walking around with all our luggage and I have to realize, that it is not so convenient even though our friends gave us their little carrier. Every time I pass some uneven surface the bags fall of and I have to reorganize them, which now already makes me curse these bags, though we just arrived in Africa and we still have a really long way to go…

But the good thing is, that here in Parkstation they have a place to leave the luggage while waiting for the bus, so at least we do not have to walk around with it the next ten hours until we leave to Mozambique.

Here already we see people carrying their luggage on their heads. Around us many people speak English but a lot also are talking in some local language, which we do not understand.

We are finally in Africa!!!


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