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In Yiwu there is the biggest consumer durables wholesale market in China, probably in the world. Actually I never really understood what the Chinese name for this market meant, until I looked it up just shortly. For me it was always a Xiaoshangpin shichang (小商品市场) and my own understanding of it from the stuff that they sell there was mainly cheap random stuff of every kind, mainly of bad quality.

In Zhengzhou they also have a Xiaoshangpin shichang for retail. It is not as big as the wholesale one in Yiwu, but also already big enough to get lost in it. There is some really rough categorization, telling you more or less on which floor you might find what, but this is not really of big help. There is no way around walking through this narrow corridors, passing along phone covers, flasks, toys, sports equipment, plastic flowers, battery packs, hand bags and every other kind of stuff which does not have anything to do with what you are searching for. But this is not enough. Once you found the place that sells the stuff you want, you still got to keep going trying to find an other shop with the same items to compare prices and to start bargaining.

Even worth than a Supermarket this Xiaoshangpin shichang makes you buy stuff that you do not really need, because there is a lot of stuff that you usually do no see in normal supermarket. Lots of little electronic gadgets that wake up the child in you. It is always interesting to go there, but I am also always very tired when I come out of there. It is just too many impressions at once, too much stuff in too small space.

Check it out yourself and see what it feels like to run around these kind of markets:

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