A Chinese Supermarket

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Today I take you to one of those Supermarkets, that in comparison to local food markets I do not like that much, but it might show you, that China in the end is not developing much different to other countries neither. Small family businesses, where you can do your most important groceries are replaced by big companies. Probably you have to walk or drive a little further to get there, but at the same time they have more than you can imagine and usually they make you buy stuff which you never thought that you really needed.

But living in an other country makes you sometimes long for things that you would not find in a local market. For us it is mainly milk in 1 litre containers and mayonnaise, which makes us enter this consumption-hell. And even though I go there with a clear idea of what I want to buy, usually I end up buying something else as well.

CRicecookersThe overall impression which you might get of a supermarket like this is, that it does not really differ from a Western Supermarket. Just some details here and there remind you that you are in china. In the electronic section its the big choice of rice-cookers. In the meat section you might find some things here and there that you are not used to like the dried skin of a pig face. The most surprising thing probably is the fact that even in a supermarket they sell living fish. CIMG0560

Even though it does not look so different to a Western Supermarket, the variety of non Chinese products is really small. Even in the biggest of these kind of supermarkets you will have a hard time finding cheese. If you can not live without your countries products, then you have to search for a Walmart or Metro, which you can find in every bigger city as well. As I stick to buying products from the country in which I am, I still did not go to these kind of international markets, but I heard that you can get a lot of stuff there.

Enjoy a little walk through a Chinese Supermarket!!





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