What to do about Malaria?

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Finally the day of our departure in direction south is getting closer and closer. Just two more days until we will start travelling. The closer the date of our departure, the more excited we get as well. After three and a half years we manage to go back to Mozambique to visit our little family there again.

Similar to going to South America you can hear a lot of bad things about Africa and even though we already know what it is like, still, as long as we are not there, we are thinking about all the things that could go wrong. A lot of these preoccupations are surely not necessary and will be forgotten once we are there. But one thing that we can not forget about is Malaria.

This time we are going to stay in Mozambique for more than a month, which is one reason we decided against the standard prophylaxis. The other is that these prophylaxis can make your trip a nightmare, as they have influence on your psychics. Last time we only went for a month and we had the most expensive prophylaxis available on the market given to us by our French friend, Cedric Benaros. But still it gave us a really hard time, though at least no Malaria.

The result is that we have to be even more careful. In remembrance of a really good friend of mine, Szilvie from Hungary, I started to collect the white part of the Chinese Grapefruit. She was swearing, that there was sufficient quinine to protect your body from Malaria in it. At least she did not get Malaria when she was in Africa so we will try it as well. But sure this is not enough to secure ourselves sufficiently. So as well we got a new mosquito-net, wide long cloth and in Maputo we will get some strong repellent and natural Malaria medicine which actually was developed by the Chinese and is called Arinate. The latter should at least give us enough time to get to the next hospital.

Besides this we will have to watch out once we get to the Malaria effected areas in Mozambique. A slight pain in the centre of your head, tired and hurting joints are sufficient symptoms to consult a health post to make a blood test. It is important to know, that this virus can kill, but if you are attentive enough, it is no reason to fear, at least not for a healthy middle aged human.

Have any of you had experiences with Malaria? How did you deal with it? What precautions do you take now when you go to an effected area?


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