From China to South Africa

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Today is the day of our departure from China, we get up early and go to one of the parks around Shenzhen. A big and very beautiful park with songbirds, water fountains, ponds and leafy treDSC00369es. Sufficient nature as to not think of the bustle of the city.

There are many elder doing their morning stretching and relaxation activities. We are just jogging quickly but i lose balance and twist my right foot. It s nothing serious, so let’s keep working out.

It’s 4:00pm and we are reDSC00366ady to depart to Hong Kong Airport, I feel a slight discomfort in my foot…
We go with Tina, Taro and all our luggage to find transportation to start our journey . We walk quickly and in control of everything. We say a lovely goodbye to our friends who always give us the best and most positive vibes, and who pack us in a taxi straight to Hong Kong.




We are in the airport, my foot is a little swollen. It hurts and makes it difficult for me to walk faster. Bah! it doesn’t matter. I will rest on the plane soon.

As we arrived early, we are able to check in of all luggage quickly and without paying any kind of fee for extra-weight. Now that we are luggage-free, we decide to rest and allow to do the exploration of the place in another opportunity.Then, we go to one of these VIP Lounges to which I have access – by sheer luck!.DSC00530

Here we eat and drink for free. Just relax…

I check my watch and the flight departure will be in about 30 minutes… We can miss the flight if we don’t hurry up!!! We have to literally run. Thanks to the adrenaline I forget about the pain. We run going down several electric stairs, keep running, find a little internal train which we have to wait for endless 2 minutes. Finally, it arrives. We get off the next station, go up some electric stairs again, run faster one last bit and finally see the boarding gate where two employees of the airline are waiting for us. They look  concerned  and are speaking out loud our names and a ” You two are the latest to get on board, we are just waiting for you to leave, hurry up”… Wow!  it was scary…we almost stay…

We are now flying and there is strong turbulence. I can’t concentrate in any movie, read or relax completely. My foot is in pain and swollen and I still have to wait 13 hours to arrive and find a solution
Finally we are in South Africa! many memories invade our thoughts. On my first time here, back in 2011, I was meeting Hanaffan after 2 years without seeDSC01612ing each other. He had arrived first and had already expected me for 2 hours when I finally arrived. When we hugged I remember that I immediately noted that he had fever. He told me that he felt weak and with much discomfort. Now in 2015, in the same place it is me who is feeling bad because it is getting very difficult to walk… the pain is becoming more intense. I think something is broken inside my foot. Because of this, we take the first taxi to the bus station that would take us to Mozambique, and as the waiting time-line is of 10 hours, lets see what happens nextDSC01617


Do not miss it!


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