Beaches around Caracas

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I really like Caracas as a City. There are a few nice parks like “El Parque de Oeste” or “El Parque Ali Primera”, there is an impressive military mile called “Los Proceres” there are the mountains all around and especially “El Avila” the highest of them which a beautiful view over the entire city.

But after a time being in Caracas, with the tropical heat and humidity there will come the day when you want to go to the beach for a while just to cool down a bit and relax. If you want to see typical tropical beaches and feel real holiday atmosphere you should at least take a weekends time, because the more beautiful beaches are a bit further away. Then you could take a bus to Maracay and from there find one of the many different buses that take to some nice beaches like Choroni, Cuyagua or La Cienega.

But not today. Today we are going to the popular beaches close to Caracas, where you can go in the morning and come back in the evening.DSCN1743

First we take the metro to Gato Negro. Once we get up to the street we already see people selling beach articles like sun cream, sunglasses, beach balls and the like. Some guy comes over asking us where we want to go. In general we have to get to the other side of the mountain to a city called La Guaira. It is the closest city on the coastline and is also where the airport is. So if you need to get back to the airport one day, here is where to take the bus.

Hufan on the bus to caracas beachToday no airport but beach. So we ask for one of the beach names we still remember: Los corales was a more or less nice beach, so we try to get there today. But there is many other beaches in the same direction like Los Cocos, Alibaba and many more.

As it is a weekday we still have to wait an other 15 minutes until every seat is occupied. But better to wait 15 minutes than to get to an overcrowded beach which especially on weekends is the case when the whole city is heading for the beaches.

First we cross some mountains and then we can see the airport on our right side. And behind the airport there is the ocean. It takes about forty minutes more until the harbour industry area makes place for the first little beaches. Now we got to watch out to see which beach looks pleasant to us and ask the driver to drop us of.  We prefer to wait a while, as we can still walk back afterwards.Look out the bus window

Beach entranceThe first beach where we get of still has a direct road access and some youngsters like to show of their car-stereo just next to the beach. So we keep on walking until we find a calmer place.Family on the beach Bird on the beach

We find a nice little family beach on which there are hardly any people. Immediately some guy comes over asking us what we want. It’s like a restaurant with more or less decent prices. We order a box with Ice-cold, a really tasty seafood (called Fosforera) soup and some fried fish. What a service. Sitting on the beach and everything just comes to you. Really perfect.Hanaffan on popular beach yanomami food

After getting roasted in the sun for about 5 hours, we got to go back to Caracas. We go to the road see a bus just about 500 meters further down the road. It is waiting for customers playing Ragaetonmusic as loud as it can. We sit down tired form the sun and the beer waiting to get back home. What a nice day!



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