A Venezuelan Baseball Game

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Before I had to watch a few football games in Germany because it is the German national sport and I guess sooner or later every German finds himself at least once in his life in a football stadium watching a game. If he likes it or not. The equal thing in Venezuela is Baseball. And even though I am not so much into sports Hudie and me decided one day to go to a game of the local team called the Lions playing against the Sharks, coming from a neighbouring city. Even though it was not the most exciting game in the Venezuelan league, but by this I could get to know a bit of this side of Venezuelan life as well.

We went to the stadium and met a friend of Hudie who was selling us the tickets. Unfortunately he was acting like a friend but still sold us the tickets for a more expensive price. That is how it is, you can find liars everywhere. Then we got in and the first thing to see was this two stands where you could take photos either with the mascot of the team, a little guy in a lion costume or with one of the teams cheerleaders, 100% silicon tits and maybe 50% silicon asses.Hudie with Lion Mascot

Then we went inside. They were still preparing the field for the game and the majority of seats were still empty so we ordered a beer and just relaxed. We stayed like this for about an other hour during which the stadium filled up, cheerleaders started dancing around at some distant spot and some former Lions legend came by to speak some words and hit the first ball.Lions Baseball legend

In general the game was quite boring to watch, at least till the end. It is a big difference to football, as you also do not have to pay attention all the time. You can easily go to toilet, get an other beer or something to eat and then get back without really missing anything. Just some small gags by the moderator of the game, always made it a bit exciting, like for example that time when they just showed random men and women of the audience and drawing a heart around them, which meant that they have to kiss, even if they do not know each other.People from baseball audience having to kiss

At the end the atmosphere finally got a little more tense, as both teams were really trying hard to not lose the game, but unfortunately we had to leave. The subway would close soon and we also did not want to go back to late. This is not Germany, it was still Caracas, and especially with a Catire like me Hudie did not want to risk walking around in the night if it was not necessary.

Celebrating the lionsSo in general I thought it quite fun to watch a baseball game, because it is really not so stressful, it lasts longer and you have a lot of time to drink beer and see how the masses around you get more and more emotional with the game.

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