A Trip to Chorros de Cura

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Los Chorros de Cura is a place located in Venezuela, Aragua State in a small village called Los Manires in Valle Morin.

I will start saying that in my life, I have been there 3 times. All three with different people and it has been always a unique positive experience. The whole trip since the very first moment when we start taking all the transportations to get there, and the way the environment changes from city locations to pure rural landscapes is just a dream. The nature of the place is amazing and the entire climbing experience to get to Los Chorros de Cura is every time a very different adventure. I have been lost for hours in  this place, I have seen big spiders, a coral snake, and wild small deer in that mountain….I have gotten ticks all over my body, witnessed the changes in the area due to different circumstances: heavy -heavy rain, fire, and collapse of rocks… The place is always full of mysteries waiting for visitors.

But before climbing, there is also a great bonus, meeting all the friendly, helpful and welcoming people of the nearest village. This really makes us happy and positive about traveling humbly and get the chance of finding such good souls in this world.

After going there so many times, I already have very good friends that live just by the feet of the mountain. They have a big house with a big garden where we can easily camp and spend the night. So this time I took Hanaffan and Steffan to enjoy the adventure.

After waking up early in the morning, taking several transportations that include some hitch-hiking, we arrived to the village that seems located in the middle of no 100_0502where. We were immediately welcomed even though they hadn’t seen me for two years and I didn’t inform them of our visit due to the lack of phone signal there. It was around 12 o’clock when we began wandering around looking for a local who could help us to climb, (since the place is not commercially touristy because the locals want to keep it as natural as possible, so once you get there you need to be lucky and let them decide if they want to take you up to the top or not).

Our local guide said it was too late and we should wait until the next morning to start the trail. We went to get some groceries from a house selling basic daily products that was also selling beers. There we sat, relax and were invited by the owner to take some delicious mangoes from her favorite tree. It was such a fun task to do! with a long stick and an animated attitude Stefan and Hanaffan tried very hard!

After this we decided to go by ourselves to a near area where we could take a refreshing shower in a small river and also enjoy a bit of the nature. In our way we ate more wild mangoes and saw beautiful camouflaged butterflies everywhere.








That night we stayed by our friends and prepared a meal for the family. Hanaffan, Stefan and I took control of the kitchen for a while!


Next morning, around the 5 o’clock our guide was waiting for us. We ate the delicious breakfast that the family prepared for us and started our journey.


First we walked a long path with a wild green field by the right side and a mountain wall by the left. Hanaffan had a machete and decided to do the journey bare feet. He and Stefan were constantly opening the way for me.

We crossed several brooks and really virgin jungle like landscapes. Stefan, Hanaffan and our guide Raul are tall and so have long legs which make the walk almost like if I was in a race. We were really ascending very fast although sometimes I needed some extra breaks to recover my strength.








Finally, after 4 o’clock approximately we arrived in Los Chorros de Cura which are the second highest water fall in Venezuela with 821 meters in straight fall of water, after Angels fall with 979 meters.  For my surprise a very -very heavy rain occurred in the past months and this dragged the big and heavy rocks down to the natural pool where I used to like swimming so much. So now it was not possible to swim anymore but still the landscape was a dream place.

We sat down for a while just contemplating the magnificence of the place. After a while carefully went down to the bottom and refreshed ourselves. It was magic and fun, a goal achieved.
















Our return to the village was much easier. We found a nice strong small river where we could play and fight against the current having a great back massage at the same time.




In our return home we found a good Samaritan that gave us a lift to the train station, which meant that thanks to him we skipped around 3 other different transports that we should have taken in order to arrive there. We traveled in the back side of his pick up and had the opportunity to see horses running free, several different types of birds, an incredible blue sky and the typical houses of the area.

Thank you People, Adriana and her family, thank you driver! Thank you Chorros de Cura for your incredible magnificence…



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