Visiting Family in Maputo

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This Mozambican journey has left us the heart filled with joy. During the whole trip and in the more humble conditions, we have met people full of kindness and hospitality which are the typical characteristics of the Mozambican.


Arriving in Maputo on our way back from Bilibiza, we were contacted by the family of our friend Luciano. His parents, in gratitude with us for having brought he saxophone and the friendship we have with their son, offered us accommodation in the paternal grandparents House. They told us that the House was located in Maputo, on the outskirts of the city and that the place was country side like. Of course, we accepted without hesitation!


Arriving at the indicated place, was Luciano’s lovely aunt waiting for us. Her name is Piedosa and  she is a very friendly and caring woman. She immediately took us around the neighborhood called Ndlavela, and  explained to us how to take the transport to go around the city. She told us a little about the place, including that her father, the grandfather of Luciano was the founder of the whole area and a very loved, respected and recognized person in the community.


Once hin th ehouse we met the whole family, a sweet, hardworking grandmother, a grandfather with all the pride and authority of a Patriarch, a curious but very laborious granddaughter, a sneaky cat called Jacke, fat hens and and big ducks with cute ducklings. All were happily free.


The House is white, clean and tidy in the inside, with fruit trees and ornamental plants in the yard. Inside, there are several spacious rooms with large windows. Harmony and calm are the words to describe this home.
Another day the family took us to the Catholic Church, we played with the children and participate in the mass. Here people are always welcoming and smiling. It is really nice to be here!

Among all the things we did there in a week, we also visited Luciano’s father’s hen house, a very ingenious and productive place of eggs and chickens. We also were invited to a diner in Luciano’s parents house to have dinner with his parents and siblings. There were Alfeu, Latifa, Jenni and Guille. The kids prepared all the delicacies of the night and the truth is that the dishes were full of delights!


Thank you friends… we are really looking forward to return!


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