Travel Impressions from Maputo To Mocuba

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The Sun is shining, the sky is clearly blue, mottled with fat white clouds. Inside the bus we listen to music in a strange language. We are just behind the driver and the front glass gives us the best picture of the road. I’ve been able to rest my foot calmly for a few hours. It already looks better.
The trip has been pleasant, although there are many holes in the road and the route itself is quite narrow. Trucks come and go at a high speed, so literally as another vehicle surpasses us on the side, our bus is wobbling by the force of the wind that leaves the other blast. Also, we frequently feel a lot of turbulence; It is the driver trying to dodge the holes in the road. Many times I get nervous, but I breath and I say to myself that everything will be fine.
When we eventually stop, we see many people selling their products, especially children and teenagers. Actually there is not much variety in the products, since these are harvested by area, so it is common to arrive at a place and find all vendors offering their pineapples, or reach another village and find most people selling chestnuts, in another town just coconuts, in other, mainly bread balls made from wheat, corn or bananas a bit further. Also, it is very common to find along the road, the selling of sacks of coal for cooking made with burnt wood (which is a shame), and so…
We have noticed a little late that if we don’t buy something when we see it, more forward can be almost a rarity to find again. For example, in the last bus stop were selling mangoes, but I didn’t buy any thinking that later we would find better. Now, we have already drove many hours and not a single person offers them. So, the best will be to buy a little of every thing in every stop we make, so we can follow a balanced diet.
We drive again along the coast, we can see the beauty of the sea, its blue waters and white sands. It feels good being in Mozambique!




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