The Welcoming in Bilibiza!

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Before coming to this house we found some children who have indicated to us that this is the new home of Damiao. The truth is that the mud house that I had in mind was that of his brother, where we stayed the last time. However this new home looks new and bigger.than the other and gives me the impression that Damiao and his family are prospering.
There are many children around us, and more come to check who we are. Little by little I’m recognizing the faces of some; how much they have grown!… The door of the mud house opens slightly and we see two pairs of eyes appearing among the darkness. They look shy and quickly hide. The other kids tell us that the kids inside the house are the sons of Damiao and Jawa. After a while, they are encouraged to come out. Soon I recognize Jacinto whom we met when he was 2 years old and who I remember was very fragile looking boy. By his side was Alemune, the younger brother whom we never got to meet because he was in his mother‘s womb during our last visit.
We are still waiting and at the same time waving to more people who come to see us. Suddenly in the distance we see a group of men carrying what looks like a big log of wood on their shoulders. The children tell us that Damião is in that group. Hanaffan stands up to surprise him and I await patiently at the door of the house. I recognize Damião, he looks healthier,  stronger and happier than last time i saw him. He comes walking on line with part of a big grunt of wood on his shoulders. He smiles at us widely and while all men leave the load on the ground, Hanaffan and Daiao embrace with love and friendship, then Damiao approaches me and with much affection and joy he welcomes me.
Damião is happy and says that he has been prospering and that now life is not so hard. Tells us that his wife Jawa is about to return from the fields and that we will soon eat something. He invites us to go inside his house, which is new and wide and also stores several  sacks of rice. All this rice is from their own and proud harvest!

Immediately he clears up his and his wife bedroom to let us sleep there and asks us to feel free to rest. Now he must attend the thing with the log of wood that he left outside…They are building something and Hanaffan joins them quickly.

Meanwhile Jawa, the wife of Damiao comes with Yuma, the eldest son who is 7 or 8 years old. She is extremely shy, greets me almost without looking at my face and so the children imitate her, not getting to close to me. She sets the kitchen ready and begins the task of cooking something simple for lunch. I offer help but with a quick gesture of her head she declines.
I’m going to sit outside the house to see the children. Hanaffan has been with the men…  i cant wait what stories he brings to tell.

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