The gate to the Mozambican Island

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The car is fixed again and Ismael goes with full speed on this small road, just like all the other fancy four wheel cars coming from and going to the island. It appears a bit scary to us, as the main medium of transportation still is walking and a lot of people walk just next to the road. And there comes an other one who has to jump of the road to make space for us.

We stop once more before we set over to the island, to buy some fish on the market, right next to the bridge, because here they have more variety than on the island.

Now we set of to cross the bridge. The bridge is 3.8 kilometres long and has only one lane. And as there are living more than 14000 people on this small island, even though not even half of them has a car, but still there is a lot of traffic on this bridge. Therefore there are guards on both sides of the bridge who take care, that there are not more cars getting on the bridge at once than can stop in the little stop areas on the bridge. But of course, this works only in theory and it happens often enough that cars congest the bridge.

At least tonight we get through fast, and arrive at Ismaels house in no time. It is a big old colonial building which was home to some Indian trader in colonial times. Lucas, Ismaels housekeeper and servant opens us the door and carries our luggage into one of the three bedrooms. The house is big and equipped with all technical entertainment stuff you can imagine. But as there is no generator, all this stuff is of no use at the moment, even the air-condition does not work, which is kind of bad, because it is really hot and humid here on the island.

After having stored our luggage we go out with Dinho and Ismael to eat something in one of the Islands restaurants. They told us before that it is an economic one, here on the Island, so we think we should also be able to take this opportunity and invite the two of them. CIMG1109 CIMG1110

The food is great, but when we get the bill we are a bit surprised. The Island surely is not the cheapest place to be here in Mozambique. DSC01273A

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