Our Meeting with Dona Lisa

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After being quite disappointed of what we saw around Cabaceira Grande we are now finally meeting with Dona Lisa. She arrives together with her stepdaughter and we sit together on the veranda of this small guest house which has the nice name “Sunset Boulevard”. We introduce our selves and talk about why we came here, our plans for our future here in Mozambique and about our journey so far.

Lisa tells us that she sold the school and now is trying to open a nursery school here in Mussoril. But she still got a project running with a group of local women which is called sunshine and consists of producing ecological soap made from the Jojoba plant. Also she tries to find Godparents for Albino children who suffer a lot especially here in the countryside due to the lack of education. “Don’t you want to be godparents? With just ten Euro a month you can change the live of a little child. I can send you the account information afterwards.” Hudie feels moved again by this misery and really starts thinking about helping this way. But as long as I did not see, what really happens with the money, that we would invest I can not support this.

Next Lisa talks a bit about her stepdaughter who also fell in love with Mozambique and wants to live here in the future. By this we get to know, that Mozambique, like Venezuela gets help from Cuban doctors, but there are also some medicals from north Korea working here. The later helped the stepdaughter when her whole leg got smashed in a traffic jam in Maputo. She gives us the advice never to sit in the front of a Chapa even if it is offered to us and it seems so much more comfortable. But it is the most dangerous place to be in a Chapa.

And then she gives us a lot of advice about how to obtain property here in Mozambique. “Property here is not owned but only leased for 100 years.” It seems a bit like in China. “And to get some you have to come up with a detailed plan about what you will use your property for. And then as a foreigner you got 3 years to realize your plans, as a local 5. But if you register a company here you can also get the 5 years limit. ” She goes on like this for quite a while and we listen carefully, as all of this is useful information for us, as we hope within the next five years to be able to move to Mozambique as well.

But she obviously avoids talking about what happened in Cabaceira Grande until she just says: “Ok, I gotta go now. As you are planning to live here in the future you only have to pay the locals price (which is half). I got your E-mail and will send you the bank information later on.” And that’s it. Strange, really strange. But we do not want to push further, because it obviously seems like she does not want to talk about what happened in Cabaceira Grande. It seems like something really went wrong over there.

We hopped to find some encouragement for starting our own project here in the future, but we got to realize, that even a dream as described in “Mozambican Mysteries” is nothing but a dream and we will have to be really consistent if we ever want to make our dreams come true here in Mozambique in the future.

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