On our way to Ilha de Mozambique

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It is now about eight in the morning and we slowly get ready to get on the car again. What a luxury to travel in a car, especially after more than fourty hours of bus ride that we already survived since we landed in Johannesburg.

We stop in a little cafe where they luckily have a generator as well and we enjoy a cup of coffee and a really nice bean-soup. From here we go on to Nampula to visit Isamel’s Mother, aunt and an other brother of his, whom we met last time we came to Mozambique as well. On the way Ismael stops at various sellers next to the roads and buys different kinds of fruits, such as bananas, oranges and some fruit that looks like cherry but tastes a little more bitter.buying on the road

When we arrive at his mothers place, she already prepared a delicious lunch for us with a lot of chicken, pickled mangoes and fish. Ismaels mother seems a bit sick, but still we get stuck in nice conversations until Ismael says, that it is time to leave if we still want to get to Ilha.

So we get back on the car. What a luxury not to travel by public transport for a while, just lay back, enjoy the scenery and wait till you arrive. No walking around, no changing of transport. But then suddenly this noise: “Flop, flop, flop…” A flat tire. There is a spare tire on the back of the car, but it also hardly has any air. But at least a bit, so we change the tire and Ismael wants to keep on driving. But his brother Dinho decides, that we first stop a truck and see if they have a compressor on board to inflate the tire. The next truck that comes by stops immediately and two people come towards us and try to help as good as they can, but the compressor does not seem to work for the car tires outlet. So Dinho and me get with these two guys on the truck, so we take some weight out of the car, while Hudie and Ismael drive the car.car 2

When we get into the truck I am quite surprised, because there are at lest twelve people in there. In general it seems common here, that trucks pick people up on the road, but I did not think that it would be that many people.

They drive us to the next gas-station and we get of waiting for the other two. While we are waiting we look around to find a compressor. Before we even ask in the gas-station, we go to a Chinese construction machinery business, thinking that they surely would have something to help us. But the guard says, that they are not allowed to use anything without approval from above, and the boss is not here at the moment. And even in the gas-station they use their generator for electricity now and do not have a compressor to let you inflate your tire.

So the only thing available is a young strong guy who was waiting for this moment to get his little hand pump out and start pumping. It takes quite a while but it works. But again it is getting dark already and we will arrive much later than we expected. You have to be patient, welcome to Mozambique!


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