Mozambique Island

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We arrived last night at this incredible place, but because of the lack of electric energy we could not enjoy the local nightlife; since as it gets dark, people go home to rest and wait for the morning.
It is now daylight and the sun shines outside. The sky is clear blue. After cooking and having breakfast with Luca1igreja1s, we go to take a little walk. The local people smile at us friendly. The streets are spacious and bright. We appreciate the old colonial buildings made of sand and coral rock giving a modern look to this place, in comparison to the mud huts that dot the countryside. Mozambique Island is a world heritage site and with all reason it gets the title. It is a place brimming with history, memories, advances and setbacks.



We are still discovering and realize that many of these immense constructions have been extremely strong in order to survive over all these years. However, in some cases, the impossibility of maintenance of the buildings has caused its fatal and unfortunate collapse. Reviewing a little history, Dinho explainsDSC01221 that after the Portuguese were expelled from the country, with just a couple of days to pack up everything and sell their goods; many properties were abandoned and left without any kind of maintenance.

On the other hand, given the long history of slavery in Mozambique, servants or households that remained on the island, didn’t dare not to take possession of these houses for fear that their master might return and make them suffer a severe punishment. Therefore, many houses were at the mercy of the natural elements, and many years later when finally the DSC01257locals decided to occupy them, then were they who did not have the resources to maintain them, retrieve them, or embellish them. Time did the rest, and many of the houses are in a total state of neglect.

Across a corner, I meet a group of girls who creatively play confectionery. They have bread, coDSC01234okies, pudding, cakes and coffee, cupcakes and juice. All made with waste, cans, coco shells, old deodorants and even a broken cup. Here I am with them playing. I am the client who is going to buy them their attractive products!

DSC00686 DSC00688

DSC00685  DSC00689







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