Maputo by Tricycle

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After a good nights sleep we are now ready to face the day and complete our first mission that we want to fulfil here in Mozambique. We want to deliver the saxophone, a friend we got to know in China gave to us, so we can give it to his brother here in Maputo. He gave us an address but, sure, we have not the slightest idea where it is. And as it is our first day back here in this beautiful country, we want to start slowly and relaxed, enjoying a bit that we really did manage to get here again.

So instead of going through the trouble of searching the right xiapa (that is how the minibuses here are called that fill up the streets and serve as the most common transportation here in the city) we just go to one of these tricycle drivers that are waiting on every corner for customers. He only knows more or less where it is and says that it is far so the price would be 300 Metticais. I don’t feel like bargaining again after yesterdays escapade with the taxi driver, so we just accept. Before we set of, we still go to the closest shop to buy two bottles of beer. Mhhh, our first bottle of Mozambican beer. There is only two major brands here, Manica and Dois MM, but they are really good, much better than any beer we drunk in China the last year. And especially with this heat, it is just the perfect refreshment.

You might think that Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world and therefore would have other problems than developed countries in the northern hemisphere, but traffic problems are already a big part of Maputo daily life. There is a part of society, that has money to spend. And usually the ones that are able to get a car are also the ones that are able to spend money on other consumer goods. So besides cars we also see a lot of advertisement, everywhere where there isĀ  place to put some. This gives the city a mainly red and yellow colour, which are the colours of the main mobile-phone net providers here in Mozambique.

Examining the trike a bit we find out, that it was made in India. So at the same time we get an idea of Indian streetlife here. It does not really seem secure, as it is nothing but a little birdcage. Espacially when the driver gets out of the centre and tries to get everything out of his little motor. But still we really enjoy to just sit here and let the city pass by on our sides.

We are getting closer now. The driver has no idea how to proceed, so he starts asking. After asking four different people we finally reach our destination. It took us at least an hour and was surely much further than yesterdays taxi-ride, so 300 Metticais are absolutely Ok for our friendly driver.

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