From Maputo to Mocuba

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It is two o’clock in the night and we just arrived with a taxi at the “Terminal Rodoviario da Junta“, just like we were advised to do this afternoon. The same guy who helped us to buy the tickets is here again and comes directly to us. He looks at our luggage and says that we have to pay extra, because it is so much. But the price he tells us makes me feel like he is trying to abuse us. Everything went so smooth till here. He wants about 300 Metticais. Luckily I have Hudie by my side who is able to calmly negotiate the price. If it was for me I would be cursing this guy already in a voice loud enough that the entire terminal could hear it. Hudie gets him down to a hundred telling him, that we come from a development organisation and that the majority of all this stuff are clothes, which we are supposed to deliver to the north of the country. The guy accepts this justification and starts loading our luggage on the bus.

When we go on the other side to put half of our luggage in there, we see a lot of people lying on the floor, sleeping, waiting for their bus.

Once our luggage is stored safely in the bus, we can go and relax in the bus. But what is this? In the bus some aggressive music is played at full volume and it does not seem like it will stop.

Finally at quarter past four the bus starts moving, and the driver saves us from this not relaxing music.

We stop an other time a bit outside of the city to collect some more passengers and then we are on the way. Every one and a half or two hours the driver stops and gives us the chance to pee. At midday we arrive in Maxixe, where we have a longer stop and time to eat lunch. A lot of street-vendors are making their living here by waiting for buses like ours to make their living. We get some fried fish and potatoes and then, just as we are leaving this place we have the chance to see the ocean for the first time here in Mozambique. Hopefully we will have some time as well to enjoy these beautiful beaches here.

The rest of the day the ride goes on smoothly. We get stopped at the provincial borders by the national military, which always makes me feel a bit anxious, but we show them our passports and every thing is all right.


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