From Johannesburg to Mozambique

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As Hudies foot still is not really getting better and to avoid the confrontation with more people who want to ask us for money, we decide to just sit down in Parkstation, eat something and wait there for our bus.

We have to wait until 9:30 pm, when finally can check in, which mainly means, that they weight our luggage. We have to pay a little bit extra, but really not that much. I guess they do not take it so serious, as the bus is not totally full and there is enough space. So till now all this luggage that we are carrying around hardly cost us anything. Then we have to wait an other half an hour until the bus finally arrives in the terminal and they load it with our luggage. And an other half an hour until the driver registered the passport numbers of all the passengers. About quarter past ten we are on our way.

The roads here are in really good condition. There is not one pothole and the bus drives smoothly. Still it is difficult to sleep, because we do not have a lot of space. Each row here consists of five seats and the space for our legs is not enough to stretch them out. This makes it uncomfortable especially for Hudie, who’s foot is still hurting.

The bus stops at a few gas-stations where we can stretch our bodies a bit.

Eventually we fall asleep at half past four, as our bodies are so tired. In china it is already ten in the morning, which means, we did not sleep at all for more than a day. Next time we wake up we will already be at the border.


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