First Mission completed

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So we managed to get to the place to where we are supposed to deliver the Saxophone. The paper tells us, that its the 3rd floor, but I am not sure what the third floor means in Mozambique. Do they start counting the ground floor as the Chinese do as well or do they start counting from what we in Germany understand as the first floor, which is the first floor above the ground floor? As we are not sure, we knock on the door on the second floor above ground floor first. We knock three times until Hudie thinks she heard somebody saying that they will not open the door. Strange!! But does not matter, we still have one more try on the next floor. As we climb up the stairs there is already a girl looking down from upstairs, indicating, that this is where we have to go. At the same time the downstairs door opens just a little bit and we partly recognise the face of a Muslim woman behind the door. Probably she was not allowed to open the door to strangers…

Actually we were hoping, that by this favour of bringing the saxophone with us, we would be able to establish some new friendly relationships here in Mozambique as well. But once we enter, the atmosphere feels a little strange. The girl who opened us the door is sitting in the living-room together with a friend. Alfeu, the name our friend in China gave us as contact, takes quite some time to welcome us, but once he comes out of his room he also does not really know how to deal with us. We talk a bit superficially about the current situation in Mozambique, especially the floods, that cut of the north from the south. He does not really encourage us in our hopes to reach the far north of the country by bus.


Finally the little boy for whom we brought the instrument comes in. He has a big smile on his face and seems to be really happy. He immediately takes the sax and gives us a little performance. But then we already feel like leaving again, because all of us feel a bit awkward and nobody knows what to say nor do. Ok, maybe we did not find new friends here, but we made a little boy really happy.




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