Crossing the border South Africa-Mozambique

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After a 9hour night journey, we arrive at the border of South Africa with Mozambique. Ahead of us we have a long line of private cars with families or goods traders, cargo trucks and travel buses ready to register and cross.
The driver asks us all to go to the immigration offices to do the respective paper work. We disembark and join a queue of people as we await the office to start working. It is 6:40 in the morning and while we are waiting in the line we see personal of the South African Army, in some cases checking passports and picking random people to ask few questions.
After a while, the office open its doors and the line moves quickly and smoothly. Upon entering, the first thing that welcomes us is a box of condoms that visitors can take  free of charge, although nobody seems to take the initiative.
On the walls several posters are displayed to prevent the transmission and spread of the Ebola virus and H.I.V. Other posters give contacts for complaints about illegal irregularities in South Africa. We notice that there is air conditioning and the staff is impeccably dress in uniforms and well groomed. The process is very organized and fast.
Then from there we walk a few meters and enter in the offices of emigration from Mozambique. The difference can be seen instantly. The dimensions of the place are wide inferior to the ones of the neighbouring country. The queues are unorganized, the place is crowded, the process is very slow. Also there is not Air Conditioner. The staff, although friendly wears clothes that to me seems to be wore for a long time. They seem to be a little tired, perhaps caused by boredom, or by low salaries. However, they always smile.
Here we also find posters about Ebola and human trafficking. After a long wait for the visa, we leave the office and are immediately approached by people exchanging South African currency (Rand) by Mozambican currency (Meticais). We exchange some money and return to the bus.
Three hours later we arrive in Maputo. We decide to take a taxi to the first hostel we see in our way because now, it is almost impossible for me to walk. The taxi drives for not more than 5 minutes and wants to charge 200 Meticais. We are a surprised by the amount. Actually we are not very aware of the value of money in this country and that is why Hanaffan complains to him strongly. At the end we pay only 100 Meticais.
Now to our room… finally we are going to rest!!

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