A Relaxing Morning in Mussuril

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We have comfortably rested after yesterday’s crossing. Today we will meet Dona Lisa, but the guy in the hostel informs us that she will come by in the evening. Meanwhile, we go to discover along the beach.
The blue sky is radiant, with its beautiful white clouds that look like cotton. I think of my beloved and warm country and smile, So far from home but yet in a familiar place.



We walk a bit and we see the locals working on their daily duties. Everybody greets us with kindness and a sincere smile.

We arrive in the beach, a wide sea with clear waters and white sands. There are children looking for sea creatures that are left behind in the sand, due to the low tide.



CIMG1157The children as usual, with their curiosity and innocence do not stop laughing and looking at us  with a funny glance. I try to get closer to greet them but they step back in apparent mistrust. After a while, and as a result of my many constant smiles and funny faces they pose for a photo; but of course! in the distance…



Hanaffan and I relax in the clear waters increasingly withdrawing of the edge. The sky begins to get dark and full of rainy cloud, then we get ready to return to the lodge to wait for Dona Lisa There is so much to discover!



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