A day on Ilha de Mozambique

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After we got quite disappointed by what we saw in Mussoril, we are now back on Ilha. We still have to wait a few days for our friend Ishmael who is in Nampula at the moment and who wants to see us again before we finally leave to Bilibiza.

The island is a quite expensive place to be here in Mozambique. On the one hand because it is really touristy on the other hand because there is no space to grow anything here, so everything has to be brought here from the mainland.

Because of this we decide to dedicate this day just on preparing our own food and avoid the high priced restaurants around here.

In the morning we go to the central market place, which reminds us immediately of how comfortable our live in China is. The goods offered here are limited to the most basic ones. Especially when looking for vegetables we are really disappointed. In the whole marketplace we only find one older women who sells green bananas, coconuts, some tomatoes, bell-pepper and that is about it.

But there is one thing here that you can not find on a Chinese market place, and that is descent bread. The people here usually do not have an oven and just use a usual aluminium pot and put some hot chuckle underneath and on top of it. It is simple, but the bread is really tasty. In total a few tomatoes, eggs and bread are enough for our breakfast today.

In the afternoon we walk around thinking about what to cook for dinner. As we are on an island, the first thing that comes to our head is fish. But strange, our friend Lucas tells us that there is already no fish left on the local fish market.

Luckily we meet our friend Dinho and he takes us over the bridge to the mainland, because he says, that people always bring their catch over there if they can not sell it here. In general we will have much more variety over there.

The fishmarket is a really lively place. Women wind up in colourful cloth sit on the ground selling seafood that they collected on the shore, and besides of this also vegetables and lemons. Fishermen are standing behind their desks shouting out the prices of whatever they caught that day. There are sardine, tuna, octopus and a few other fish I never saw before.

So in general, you might be able to get tasty food in one of the foreign owned restaurants for a high price, as they have to bring a lot of ingredients from Nampula or Nacala. But when you want to cook by yourself, your options are limited and you might have to leave the island and buy ingredients on the mainland.



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