From Tehran to Tabriz

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Already tired for spending so many hours walking through the streets of Tehran, we collected our backpacks at the House of Mahtab who kindly kept them for the day, and began our way to the home of our new host of the CS, Rasul.
It was approximately 7:00 pm and we were pleased to see the lights of the city and the festive atmosphere due to people being allowed to have dinner after a long day of fasting, resulted from the period of Ramadan. By the way, ending tonight.


Happy people, shops open offering delicious meals, juices and desserts, men chatting in the street with vigorous joy, many people take advantage of shopping groceries to cook great meals to eat next day. It is an atmosphere of celebration!
We are already in the area where  our host Rasul lives. We think in bringing something to eat together and get to an attractive store to find something interesting. Once we go out, a gentleman who is standing on the street giving away some kinds of homemade desserts, offers me to eat a spoonful of a sweet dough. I try, I get pleased with the flavor and I show my satisfaction. Happily, then he gives me the entire dish of the succulent delicacy called Persian Halva, which is made with rose water, saffron and other ingredients that give it a sweet flavor and a smooth texture that makes it melts in the mouth. A truly Iranian delight.

Tray with Persian Halva and lunch box given to me as a gift during the Ramadan Holiday

Later, as we seem apparently lost, another gentleman of about 65 years old, who comes walking fully immersed in his prayer, looks up and turn his way to come to offer us help. We show him a paper with the address and he spontaneously takes my luggage, and leads us to the place. He goes away with farewells fulls of smiles and surely blessings and good wishes.
By chance we find Rasul, who has also come to buy some things and we have recognized each other immediately. Rasul was very surprised of the help we have received from the last gentleman, because in his opinion the religious men are very conservative and rarely talk with strangers. We feel very honored and happy to be visiting a country with people so warm and friendly.
We stayed in house of Rasool  4 days and his company helped us understand many situations in Iran. We also learned to look at Iran through the eyes of an artist, who actually was a pretty interesting experience.

With Rasul

After good time with Rasul, we embarked on our journey from Tehran to Tabriz, city located in the Northwest of Iran and characterized for being a commercial and industrial centre and a city  with a historical Bazaar declared as a world heritage  by the Unesco.
So again we must say good bye and keep going. So we begin to ask for someone to take us in his truck. In less than 5 minutes we had a family offering a lift.
A very nice man named Mohammed, his wife Ara and nutty 5-year-old daughter.



With them we had  a ride of 2 hours, and in that time between signs and signals they taught us some basic words and phrases in farsi, which were very useful in the journey.


Here are some:

Hello: Salam

Thank you! Merci

How are you?: Chetori?

Mi nombre es… Esm e man…

I: Man

You: To

How old are you?: Chand salet hast?

Water: Oob

Tea: Chaai

Lunch: Naahaar

Help: komak

Hot: Garm

Money: Pool

Beautiful: Zibaa

Bad: Bad

Come: Biaa

I don’t want: Nemikhaam

I want: Mikhaam

I’m tired: khastam

I love you!: Doset daram!

Ice cream: batani

Bus: Otoboos

Pants: shalvaar

Do you sopeak English?: Aya shoma Engilisi harf mizanid

Black: seeyaa

Blue: aabee

Green: sabz

White: sefeed

Later: ba’dan

God bless you: Salavati

Good tasting: khosh Mazeh

I dont have money: Pull Nadaraam

No problem!: Moshkeli nist

Bye! Bedrood!

This family so attentive at all times even stopped to buy ice cream and entertain us during the trip. Even they change their route to leave us in a place where we could get our next ride easily. In addition, they stood with us and they were asking all drivers who could do the favor to take us. And so, almost with tears in their eyes we said good bye while they saw us parting ways. We truly hope we can meet again someday. It is a relief to see how many people we still have in this world. In fact, there are more good ones than bad.

DSC02877 DSC02874  DSC02892

Already in the next lift, we had to relax in the back of a pickup truck driven by Mr Jacob and his copilot- nephew. The entire trip was of rest, our faces to the blue sky with the wind waiving our hairs and enjoying the landscape of desert.

DSC02913 DSC02906


DSC02904 DSC02911

At a stop, two girls with his brother and son came to greet  us and offer water. We also took some photos. Really warm and friendly people. Despite the language barrier, all these smiles and expressions of welcome leave us the heart filled with joy.


Late in the afternoon we arrived in Tabriz. A city with a lot of movement and bustle


It seems that the upcoming adventures promise to be very interesting! Do not miss it.



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