Teaching Oral-English in China

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As you got to know already, we are going to be three people soon. Therefore we have to reconsider our lives and think about how to deal with this. As Hudie will not be able to work at least for some time, it will be my responsibility to provide financial security for us. The problem is that my job at the moment probably does not provide us with sufficient money to feed us and save some money at the same time. So it is time to look out for a new job here in China. Therefore I already made a little video before, which I used as a demonstration class for other schools. And now I think I can also use this video to show you guys what it is like to teach oral-English here in China.

If the classes are at a level, that they are able to form sentences and make at least understandable use of the grammar, then it can be really fun. Because it will be them that talk while you are only supervising and correcting common mistakes. You should not correct everything, because you also have to motivate them to talk. If you correct every of their sentences, they will feel even more afraid of talking.

This also teaches you a lot about the way they perceive this word, because they are free to say what ever they want as long as they use English and try to use some new words and phrases.

But see yourself:



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