A Happy Chicken for Dinner

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Although it seems cruel to many of you; including myself, I‘ve been given the task of writing this post inspired by the determination of Hanaffan, who only eats meat sporadically and when he can be sure that the animal had a happy life and was slaughtered without causing too much stress.

In this post I will show a bit of the Odyssey that we eventually live at home  as soon as we decide to eat meat. Especially if Hanaffan is included among the Diners.

The reality is that if everyone were to kill what eats, including fish, cows, goats, pigs and meat of other types, most people would be strict vegetarians because this killing is not a job that everybody can do. However, Hanaffan is of the opinion that the consumption of meat is strictly linked to be able to accept the death of the animal for that purpose. So when he wants to eat meat, he believes that it is best to kill the animal by himself. For him this also includes that if he kills the animal, he must eat it. This way of thinking on one hand guarantees that he will not kill more than he can consume, nor will do so as often as to convert it into a habit. Also, this invites others to maintain a balance with nature as in the past our Aboriginal ancestors practiced wisely.


In my case, I do not eat meat regularly because I’m afraid of the chemicals that are given to many animals to make them grow faster and bigger. In addition, I find the slaughtering and overcrowding of living beings in general cruel, something that keeps me away from the meat most of the time. However, occasionally the Neanderthal inside me makes this requirement and I just fulfill it without demanding much.
A few days ago we were invited to a Christmas dinner where Hanaffan pledged to find a happy hen to contribute with the celebration and at the same time to have a break from his vegetables and fish diet.


On Thursday morning we went on our bikes riding in the vicinity of the University. Hanaffan had already found in previous days a nearby area with rural aspect, where a pair of grandparents sold poultry in the backyard of his house. Upon arrival, we were greeted with joy. They let us inspect the site to ensure that the animals lived and ate well. All hens and roosters that we saw were in optimum health, ran free with a large enough space for them. They also had a nice shelter for the birds to sleep and the animals in general were treated really kind by the old couple.















The old woman served a good deep dish with hominy and joyfully began to call them. The hens came enchanted and surrounded the woman to get their meal. She was still talking nicely with Hanaffan while I was documenting the process. Suddenly in the twinkling of an eye, the wise woman got down and took one of the nearby hens. Yes like that, simple, without running or straining. It was a lighted color and fat beautiful hen which seemed to offer herself with courage for the sacrifice. The hen did not complain nor make any scandal. She let the man weigh her and calculate her price quietly.















In that house they did not provide the service of slaughter to the hen and did not allow Hanaffan to do it there by himself. Also, we did not have the chance to go with the alive chicken to our house because we were on bicycles and this would represent a severe stress to the animal. Then, the couple recommended us to walk a few minutes to find the place where it could be prepared by a professional. We went there and in less than 15 minutes were already on the way home with the chicken also ready for cooking!CIMG0081
The animal did not suffer anything more than a few minutes of stress and was really appreciated by Hanaffan and the members of the dinner. The sacrifice was worth it.

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