Grandpa’s Schinken Macaroni Specialty!

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Ηello Food Lovers! I take the opportunity to tell you all about one of my favorite dishes in the world. I won’t eat this in any restaurant but ONLY if it is cooked by my dear Opi! So, I just want to make clear that this is a matter of ‘love and taste’ which means that my Opi’s love makes this dish really taste like a miracle!

To start I would like to introduce my Opi by saying that he is German and he is actually Hanaffan’s grandfather but since the first time we saw each other even with the barrier of the language between us, it was love at first sight.


The recipe is called Schincken Macaroni in German but it is actually macaroni, cheese, ham, butter, eggs, salt and pepper. So simple and sooo delicious.

The first time I visited my Opi’s home in Germany he really wanted to welcome me, so he decided to cook this dish that in the family is already a tradition during winter days, then few years later it occurs to me that it is good idea to let you know this special and easy recipe so you can also enjoy this wonder!

The ingredients were pretty much like this:

1 kilo edam cheese

1 kilo ham

1 kilo butter

1 kilo macaroni

6 eggs



First boil the macaroni with some salt and a spoon of butter so they don’t stick to each other.After they are ready drain the water using a strainer andDSCN2156 reserve aside.

Then cut the ham and cheese in little pieces or if possible use a grinder just as we did.



DSCN2144When you finish with the cheese and the ham put some of the macaroni in a refractory mould, then spread some butter on top of the macaroni and later spread some of the cheese and the ham.


Repeat this 2 or 3 times in the same mould so it should be a layer of macaroni, a layer of cheese and ham and so on.

Next, beat the eggs with some salt and pepper and spread some of this mix on top of the dish.


Put it in the oven in medium temperature during 40-50 minutes and ready to eat.

This recipe is for 10 people so you would need two big mould to prepare all the mix or take turns with the same mould.








Good luck and have a nice meal!

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