Remembering the Past

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My home town is a little town in the industrial area of Germany called Bergkamen. It is an industrial town in which the main industry, the coal mines, stopped working about ten years ago because it is cheaper to import coal from Australia than to dig it out of 500 metre under the ground. We have a lot of Turkish people living here who came after the second world war to help build up our country and then decided to stay here.

So by now unemployment rate is quite high and a lot of people who suffer from unemployment tend to blame the minority that came to help us when we were in trouble, for not finding a job. It is always the others fault.Zeche

Today the probably most important industry of this town is a chemical company called Shering which nowadays focuses on producing anti-baby pills. But in the past they also produced chemical substances for Hitler’s war, making Bergkamen one strategic spot for the Bombing campaign of the Allies. The whole city was destroyed just like many other parts of Germany. And just like in other parts of Germany, nowadays you hardly can tell what happened to this town during the second world war. But if you leave the roads and go for a walk in the forest, you can still see the bomb craters everywhere. Many are filled with water and look like little ponds, but they are the footprints of all these bombs dropped over this town during the war. DSCN2193

I still remember when I was in primary school it happened frequently that they had to close a road because they found an unexploded bomb somewhere in town. And from time to time this still happens in Germany.

You see it is not the most beautiful town, neither does it have a beautiful and famous history nor is it offering a lot, but still it is nice to feel the atmosphere of these big not-in-use-industrial sides which are more and more renovated for public use, and of the craters which both remind you of times not that long ago in which things were really different here.DSCN2448

So if you ever come to the industrial area of Germany around Dortmund get a bicycle and take a ride around the uncountable bicycle routes taking you from one scenic spot to an other.DSCN2425


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