A Music Festival in Bingen!

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We think that a good place to appreciate the lively and active youths and contemporary people of a country is a Music Festival, so we try to enjoy them as soon as there is an opportunity, wherever we are.

During our time in Germany we wanted to join a small Rock Festival in the town of Bingen that is already known for presenting alternative good music every year.

Bingen is a friendly and beautiful town in the province of Rhineland- Palatinate well known for its several hills and famous also for the story about the Mouse Tower in which a Bishop called Hatto was eaten by mice. This small town is in a region with a special charm where visitors can immediately feel the magic and romance in the air. The town is characterized economically by wine growing and its wine festival, the Rhine and the Nahe rivers confluence there fascinating people with its magnificence. The multiple scenic combined between wine fields, architecture and cultural attractions also offer a valuable treasure. So all in all, as soon as we arrived to this place we felt very attracted by the landscape and the friendly environment all around.


We started our journey travelling by train from Sinnersdorf, where our Opi (Grandfather) lives.


Hanaffan and I had printed a map with the address, so during few minutes we had to look around and finally found the way we had to take to get to the festival. Oh! For my surprise, it was a hill, a high one and I was already carrying at least 12 kilos in my backpack. I breathed and began to walk.


…while ascending up the hill we found few cows in a small farm just across the road. We stopped to take a closer look. They resulted to be friendly and playful. We really enjoyed watching them eat and play with a gigantic brush placed high enough for them to use it intelligently to brush their backs.


We kept walking up the hill and found many different delicious fruit trees. There were apricots, cherries, cranberries and wild blue berries… it was so nice just standing under the trees gently catching branches and taking these nice delicacies.



108_0282There we also saw all size and colour roses. I thought a lot of my mother, that she would be delighted to be there as she is a lover of gardens and exotic flowers. I took a moment to think of her, bless her and thank her for being my mom.

108_0286After more or less 2 hours of walking enjoying nice views, breathing fresh air and connecting with nature we found the location where the Bingen Open Air Festival was going to take place. We were the second ones camping in the area and so we had all the space available to choose exactly the best spot possible. Our neighbours were a group of 5 boys that were just chilling and laughing constantly. The music would not start until 2 days later, so we had plenty of time to enjoy.

The place where the Bingen-Festival was celebrated that July 2013 had a very nice view. On top of the hill there was a camping site and from that area attendants could enjoy watching the wine fields and the next quiet town called Alzey, where they could go to get a rest from the music and the euphoria of the concerts.


108_0333The stage with all the toilets and showers, the shopping area and a security office were located around 200 meters from the camping site. This meant that we could hear the music but it was not disturbing us at the time of resting. It was just perfect to get to know if we like it enough to go and enjoy the show or if instead we would prefer to stay just chilling down under the nice sun and fresh temperature of the season.

108_0336108_0372The days passed by really nicely. All kind of people joined the concert but specially punks and rock and rollers. The music was mainly rock in its different variations, the toilets were kept decently clean, the area of camping was also pretty neat.

108_0373During the times there were no bands on stage playing, people like to sit around small bonfires and talk. It was a really nice environment where no fights or severe disputes occurred.

For me it was interesting to observe people’s behaviours around the world and I really enjoy the way how many Germans handle themselves in many occasions. Lets say I am attracted by their organisation in many events like during traffic jam, inside the train or subway, on the streets, now even in a concert where the music was metal and people were drinking alcohol they exceeded my expectations. They all were really having fun without getting too much out of control.

Sometimes like in this opportunity,I am impressed to see how humans in certain societies can behave moderately good in situations that in other societies would probably be a total chaos. I don’t want to include all Germans in the same bag, but I enjoy observing how a lot of them are good following rules and showing respect for other’s well-being. It makes me think that certainly being organised and including this value in their personalities somehow has let them develop themselves and become a strong country in terms of social, economy and innovative ways.


We spent a very nice time in Bingen. Every time we ran out of water or groceries we just locked the tent and went down the hill to the down-town area to get the indispensable things we needed and to walk around discovering new places.

We found another alternative path that took us faster up and down the hill. It was also a residential area full of flowers and wild animals everywhere, smiling people and a cemetery that had the sign on the door “Once you enter you will stay” (or something like that)


Stefan, our friend came to visit us for a while and camped next to us having fun during few days. His presence is always nice, easy going and relaxed… just perfect! Also Marie and Kian came with a nice salad and cheerful conversations to join us for  a day. Together we danced and enjoyed the festival. Also we took sometime to chill out laying on the grass observing the sky of just talking happily…really nice memories and a place to recommend!



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