Dancing before eating Hotpot!

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A few days ago, walking down a street, I saw the employees of a restaurant gathering outside the main entrance to dance before starting their work. Many pedestrians passing by stood there smiling to take pictures and applauding as they watched the show, which in turn, invited the spectators to come and sample the tasty dishes offered by the House.

In the following days, while I walked with my students, we find another restaurant, this time a Hot Pot one (火锅) that uses the dancing activity to encourage and cheers its employees before they start their labor. There we met Guo Mai Cheng, who is the Senior Manager; a very friendly, smiling, elegant and positive young man.

Mai Cheng gladly invited us to visit him next day to document the show and try the house specialty. So as soon as the holidays arrived, Hanaffan and I went to search for a fresh story to report.

When we arrived we sat in front of the restaurant to wait for the show but as long as Mai Cheng saw us, he kindly invited us to go inside so that he could introduce the staff and they could welcome us.

Actually, the place was warm and the atmosphere felt very familiar. All the people gathered there were sincerely glad of our visit to see them dance. Later on we left all to the entrance and all the members of the restaurant began their dance to the rhythm of a song that was fashionable during the last summer “小苹果” (xiao pinguo), which means little apple.

After enjoying a little of this fun activity, where I had the honour to participate in the dance floor and the joy of getting rid of the winter cold moving my hips, then we went inside again, this time to enjoy the tasty food. Our friend invited us to a delicious hot pot of vegetable which in China has a history of more than 1000 years and until now, is still the more popular dish in social or family gatherings. Normally this dish has as a main ingredient, meat.. pork meat, chicken, beef, lamb, among others. Also it has many different types of vegetables, mushrooms, seafood and Chinese noodles. Usually the pot is divided in two parts: one side with species and hot spices and the other with only flavorful but not species.

It is worth mentioning that one of the most famous places to eat Hot Pot in China is in Sichuan, but we were delighted with the style, the flavors and the attention of this restaurant whom we highly recommend if you live or pass through Zhengzhou.

Many thanks to all the members of the restaurant (柔时的小板凳吧式火锅(升龙店))!!!!!!


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