A Weekendtrip to the Countryside

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Yubo, a Chinese friend of mine already took me to his home-town before, which is a really small village close to Dajie, a small town in the north of Zhengzhou. When we went there I felt so good, because of being away of all this city noise and feeling a bit closer to nature. At that time I told Yubo that it would be really great to come here again and camp somewhere, having a bonfire and maybe try to fish some fish.

Then my friend Stefan came around this summer to visit us and I thought it a good opportunity to have a little adventure and go camping in the countryside. We buy everything that we think necessary in Dajie and take the little bus that takes us close to where Yubo lives. As we drive the houses become less and less and after a while all we can see around us are corn and weed fields. Once we get of the bus and the bus disappears we can enjoy the first advantage of being in the countryside: Silence. You  can actually hear birds singing and the strange noises of whatever kind of insects. Nice!!!

We have to walk for quite a while before we can see the first fish farms which cover the land next to the Yellow River. Sometimes the sound of an electro-motor interrupts the silence. It’s the feeding machines. In front of them the water is seething as all the fish in the pond are fighting to get their piece of the cake. It takes about four years until the fish here are big enough to enter the market and end up on our plates. When the time comes they fish all the fish out with a big net and then let the water out to clean the pond. Imagine four years of accumulated fishshit. But it can be reused as  fertilizer for the fields.

In front of us we see a dead snake on the road. Beautiful animal got hit by a car. In the air there are a lot of egrets circling around. Surely a lot of fishfarmers would like to kill these birds, but they are under protection. So all the farmers can do is to put big nets over their ponds so the egrets can not reach the fish.

We find a place which seems suitable for camping just next to a pond which is used for fishing. Before it gets dark we still have to get some firewood and two sticks to prepare two fishing-rods. This work done we go to sit down next to the fishingpond and just relax. Besides a 6 centimetre fish we do not fish anything, just like the majority of people around us. So we have to stick to instant noodles for this dinner.

Next morning Yubo and Stefan go to one of his fathers fishfarms to get us two big fish for our lunch. But to be able to cook them we still have to empty our barrel. After this delicious lunch we walk down to the Yellow River, which luckily is quite clean today, so we even can have a little bath.

On our way bag we see a monkey chained to a tree close to a restaurant and some dead birds hanging in a net that is hanged up around an apple plantation. And we visit the milkfarm of Yubo’s father. It is a bit sad to see the calves only having so few space, but Yubo’s father says that this is to protect them from being stomped to death by the big cows.

It was an amazing weekend out of the city and I guess even Yubo experienced his home in a way he did not know before. Thanks for this great time!!!


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