An Unusual Day in Istanbul

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Our story starts with a main character. His name echoes the remains of an ancient Empire, of a warrior: Mesko!…

We met this unforgettable character when we were visiting the beautiful Istanbul. We got in contact through and he immediately displayed all his charm and kindness toward these two strangers who came from different latitudes.


In the few days we were together, Mesko surprised us taking us to remarkable historical places which we will tell about in further posts. He was truly our passport to this ancient city.

DSC03721   DSC03722

One night we visited a nice crowded boulevard, full of bustle, music, lights and stores offering all kind or productsDSC03732. From hand made sweets passing through the top trends in west and Muslim fashion to the highest technology in cellphones and computers.








After several hours walking and discovering new places, we had a nice meal together in a  building that was probably 500 years old! Everything was mystic there.

That night, Mesko kindly invited us to stay with him at his parents house, which by the time was unoccupied and was located in the West side of Istanbul. A new and interesting sight of this stunning city. We spent the night laughing and telling each other stories about our lives and home lands, the way we grew up an how life was back then. All these talks,  really helped me to realized how alike can two cultures be (can humans being be) even when they are in opposites sides of the world. Brilliant!

Next day, early in the morning we met Suleyman, Mesko’s best friend and elder brother. Another man with the kindest heart, and a big smile that didn’t need much talk to welcome us in their home and beloved city.

We got ready to enjoy the day without an idea of the fun we were about to have….

First we went to a bakery and had what they called an American type breakfast. The company, of course, was the best!


Then, happy and satisfied we went around getting to know the city and its most famous attractions, and stopping in convenient stores to get some beers for the way.

DSC03742DSC03747 DSC03764DSC03776


Very tired after few hours of touring around, we ended up in a port full of life too. People of several countries and beliefs were there enjoying the sun and the sea sight.



Suddenly Suleyman and Mesko had the idea to swim in those waters, a thing very rare to do in that place just located next to a mosque and with Muslims passers by. Hanaffan, got in the mood too and together they jumped in the water.

The faces of joy of all the people walking by, amazed me completely. They didn’t feel disrespected to see these three men jumping in the water and swimming joyfully. Even Muslim women fully covered were openly taking photos in amusement.


A final shot for the memory.

To end this beautiful memory, I would like to say that I started all this journey with the main intention to find enough resources to believe in humanity again. I was feed up and disappointed with all our cruelty and nonsense…now I am happy to say, among many others in this journey, Mesko and Suleyman were one of the persons that inspired me to believe in the good aspects of this humanity again…and that good hearts, still exist in the places where you less think you can find them.

Istabul waits for us again. See you soon guys!

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