The sun and the moon

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Today we want to tell you a little about the sun and the moon, that you can usually see in our videos. As in the beginning  of our relationship Hudie and me had to spend a lot of time apart, we usually used letters to communicate, seldom would we write an E-mail and never did we use a telephone.  By writing letters of course from time to time we would paint some pictures to express our thoughts and feeling. In one letter Hudie painted the moon and the sun for the first time:moon and sun

When she draw this, she thought the moon to be her and the sun to be me for me being the one that makes her shine.

Once I saw this picture, I really liked it, though I surely saw Hudie as being the sun as well, giving me energy to keep on shining.

Then, before Hudie came to China to finally live together with me, I copied the picture on a much bigger paper and hanged it up in what would then be our first apartment, where we would live together. So in total this image already has accompanied us for more than four years and by now means much more to us than a representation of our selves. It reminds us of all the things we lived through together and especially of the dreams we were able to make come true since we are together.

Because of this I was already for some time having the thought of getting this image tattooed on my back to remind us of the dreams we have already achieved but also to make us not forget about the dreams we still have, as for example going to Mozambique within the next four years and start a little project over there.

Until last holidays it was just a nice idea in our heads. But then we were in Bangkok and Thailand Tattoos are quite famous, furthermore it should be comparatively cheap. At the same time Hudie and me were seriously thinking about starting a family as well. Thinking of all the people who once they are pregnant give up their dreams to only think about their child, making the child their only purpose in life, we felt that we surely did not want to be like that. And then, while we were in Thailand, we really got pregnant and suddenly having a tattoo there at that time just seemed like the right thing to do.

I never got myself tattooed before so I had no idea what it feels like. But I thought that so many people got tattoos, that it can not be that painful. And at the beginning, when Aom, the artist, was doing the outline of the tattoo, it did not hurt much, but when she started to colour the whole thing, using a wider needle, it was painful and got close to unbearable when she had to go over the same spot more than once. I can not remember when I was suffering this pain last time and especially constantly for such a long time.

It might not be perfect, but it is colourful and fits the form of my body well. And the more dreams we will realize, the prouder we will be of this tattoo.





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