Teaching English and Spanish in China

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The last year has been of great changes to me. Aside from move out of country, I am now responsible for teaching Chinese teenagers in the area of English and Spanish. At the beginning, I felt overwhelmed with the challenge, but after some time and once I saw the progress in students, my fears became joy!
In the early days, my students constantly came to talk to me in Chinese, although they knew that I was just landing in the country. I used to nod my head in a funny way, as a sign of not understanding. Even though they would keep insisting and laughing about it.
Little by little, over time and with some study (from their side of English, and for my part Chinese), this barrier has been broken, and it has given us the opportunity to have basic conversations. We have also established extraordinary friendships between us.
I am sincerely happy to be here. I like what I do because I see in this useful. I must also say that taking into account that the majority of teachers in other countries, work twice than what I do in China, I feel very fortunate.
I think that being an Educator is one of the most stressful professions, especially when working with children or adolescents; but it worths the effort if it contributes in some way to improve a little this world…
Let us move forward!



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