Supporting the Square Dance!

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Passing through some squares in the morning or in the evening, you can see many people dancing ” The Square dance”, or as they call it in Mandarin: Guangchangwu (广场五).

This dance is a kind of art because it is danced synchronously and in masses, which makes it look impressive. Participants usually are elder people, mostly women between 45 and 65 years old.

This activity is really nice and is a way to relax, socialize and exercise. However, in recent years, the dancers have been threatened by the heavy critics from the residents living in the buildings around the squares. Apparently many people complains about the high volume of the music. They say that it does not let them rest, watch TV, or study…

My students told me that due to the community asking to the dancers to please regulate the volume of the music, and the dancers not really attending this calls. Many residents decided to take aggressive actions as throwing them water out of the window, sometimes urine or feces.

In the other hand, the elder dancers say that they can not lower the volume of the music because many dancers don’t listen well and need high volume to be able to keep pace. In general, people agree that the solution is that the city build them special places so that they can continue their dance without disturbing anyone.

We think that this form of dance is wonderful for older adults; because it allows them to improvise, to feel active and creative. We sincerely hope that fans of this dance, can keep practicing it with joy, peace and harmony.


Enjoy the video!!!


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