Second day on the Great Wall

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Before Hudie already told you about how we got lost on our first day on the wall. Today I want to give you some impressions of our second day there. This day Hudie can not join us because she wants to stay at home to review her Chinese homework. For this reason today it is just Lars and me going out for a little adventure. Wall from Chenjiapu

This time we go straight up the hill behind our guest house from which you can already see the Wall. In a bit less than 20 minutes we are up on the wall, having a short rest after climbing. This part of the wall is much younger than the one we have been to yesterday. It is only about 400 years old. Therefore it looks much more like the Wall we know from images than yesterdays piled up stones.

Soon we keep on going climbing up the first hill. Here the wall still does not look so good and it is missing stairs, which makes it a bit dangerous, because the hill is steep and all these loose stones under our feed make it difficult to find some grip.

way up the wallOnce we get over this hill, the wall only needs a gardener to get all the plants of it, so it would look like the Wall as you can see it closer to Beijing. It is not such an adventurous trip like yesterday, as the way is easy to follow. Just some bushes block our way here and there on the wall. The hardest thing to deal with probably is the sunshine. But that is nothing to complain about neither. This clear blue sky on the top of the great wall, still in the Beijing province, seems like a miracle to me. It is amazing. Lars on the wall

Our trip takes about 4 hours. When we get back we want Hudie to enjoy the day a bit at least as well, so we make her to come with us to watch the sunset from the nearest part of the wall. This makes me aware of being really happy that we came here again. Maybe the great wall itself is not what makes me so happy, but this environment here. It is always nice to be in the mountains and enjoy a beautiful scenery like this. And at the same time we found this incredible guest house in the countryside with really good food, nice hosts, and nice natural environment. Thanks Mr Chen together with all your family for this nice weekend!!!

Lars and Marc on the wall

If you are planning to visit the great wall away from all the tourists, sometime as well check out Chenjiapu.


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