Kindergarten Sport-event in China

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We are on our way. The first little part of our journey is done and we are now in the south of China again staying with our friends before we take our flight from Hongkong to Johannesburg.

As we do want to share our time with them before we leave, we agree to accompany them this Sunday to go to a Sports event organized by the Kindergarten of Tata, their three year old child. The idea of this event on the on hand surely is, that the children have fun and play around with other children. But on the other hand it also serves to unite parents and children so they can perform in public together and compete with other families. This surely strengthens the relationship between parents and children.

But this also leads to the fact, that parents take this event more serious than the children. Especially in China it is really important to “keep face” in front of other people. Therefore our friend Tina already started practising the little-rabbit-dance days before this important sports event.

And today is the big day. To have more space the kindergarten rented out a middle school. The first thing we see when we enter is a crowd of children together with their parents standing in rows ready to march in a military kind of way.

Tina and Tata are in the first group, the red parents and little rabbits group. So they are the firsts to march to the front and perform their dance. The dance shows clearly, that it is the parents who took it serious while the children seem not really like they understand what is going on.

It seems like it will take quite a while till every group finishes so Hudie and me leave for a while to find some breakfast.

Now that we come back it is about 11 and the crowd just finishes some group activity, where everybody is hitting these balloon kind of things into the air.

Now comes the fun part especially for the children: The games. Parents together with their children have to pass through different kind of games so they can at the end take a little gift bag back home. It is nice to see, that it is not totally competitive, because everybody gets the same price as long as they just participate in every different game. It is really nice to see all these children playing and laughing.

But take a look yourself:




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