Living in China, Zhengzhou. An afternoon cooking with chinese students

Cooking with our Chinese Students

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Living in China, we use an application for the mobile which is more or less like Instagram. Many times when Hanaffan and I cook at home we publish photos of food to share with our contacts, which always show their curiosity to taste those strange flavors from distant lands.
A far as we know, the people of this city are very jealous with the traditional Chinese flavors of their meals and few of them have the courage to taste other culinary options. We think that it is for this reason that there are almost no foreign food restaurants in here. Apparently, people do not feel curiosity and the restaurants are not profitable due to the lack of customers.
However, a group of our students could stand the curiosity and asked me to invited them to our home to try any meal that they do not know. I agreed and suggested them to choose among the pictures that had been published previously, a dish called that they found interested in. They all agreed and said that would like to try the potatoes Turkish style.
I informed them about the ingredients to fill the potatoes, including the cheese (which is commonly not of the Chinese taste) and all approved without hesitation.
Set the time, students came to our home bringing with them a raw fish and other materials for them also make some demonstration of their culinary skills.
In the limited space and the only available hot plate we managed to make our lunch. Among the dishes were: fish in Oriental sauce, baked potatoes stuffed in style Turkish (Kumpir), white rice, sour and spicy potato strips and sour radish. Besides pineapple juice, fruits of season and tea.
When the food was ready, we were all hungry and expectant. My students were curious to try Turkishstyle potatoes although they already knew that they were stuffed with cheese, butter, mustard, mayonnaise and olive cream  (things that normally they don’t eat). It was a little funny to see the expression of their faces to try the potatoes… the taste wasn’t familiar for them and therefore not entirely pleasant.
They tried to be as kind as possible and cleverly ate the edges of the potato which had not been touched by the unknown flavors. They ate as much as they could resist!. It was the joke of the moment!
Having a meal together was enjoyable and they promised to return to entertain us with some  Chinese  dumplings called jiaozi  that are among the most traditional dish one can have here.
We shall wait for the next visit and write about it!
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