Chinese Streetfood

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Today we want to give you a little impression of what Chinese Streetfood is like. If high hygienic standards are of great importance to you, you probably do not like it that much because all this dishes are prepared on the street, exposed to the public, often with the cook holding a cigarette in his mouth while cooking. I always calm myself down by telling me that everything is fine as long as everything got heated up well by frying, cooking or baking it. In the north they also sell quite a few cold dishes, but usually these only contain vegetables so I have faith in the seller, that he or she washed them well.

First we are going to a streetfoodmarket close to our school here in Zhengzhou. It is a bit different to the south. They have a lot of cold dishes made from cooked vegetables, eggs, spinach, lotus-roots, tree-fungus and lot of other stuff. The first eye catcher for somebody just arriving to China probably are the chicken-feet that you can find everywhere. Then there are quite a few stands where they fry vegetables to stuff them afterwards in a fried bread, which is really tasty but probably not the best if you are trying to loose weight. In general this is an aspect of streetfood everywhere I guess: it is not the healthiest choice, but it tastes good. At other stands you can pick your vegetables (and meat of course as well) and let it being cooked and get it served in a nice, spicy soup, especially good in winter. Also there is a few barbecue stands where you can get mainly meat. And of course fried noodles and the famous dumplings, filled with vegetables or meat. Get what you want where you want and choose a place to sit down.

Next we have a look at a streetfoodmarket in the south, in Hengdian in the province of Zhejiang. Here we first find one of Hudies favourite Sushi stands, which you eventually also might find in the north. But then we go to the barbecue place which by far is my favourite streetfood here in China. Here in the south they have everything to put on the barbecue: meat, seafood, vegetables, bread… And it tastes so good. In this barbecue, the best to recommend is the eggplant and the fish, both served with a lot of garlic and nice seasoning. When we were there I had to eat it nearly every day as I liked it that much. And here in the south during summertime even if it is raining, it is still enjoyable.

So let’s have a little walk. What would you like to eat?


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