My Teacher and the Dance of the Bamboo Forest

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Recently my Chinese language teacher Majing (吗静) and I, have been talking about our affinity for dancing and planning some extra time to teach each other a bit of Latin rhythm and some Chinese dance.
Majing is very talented, she is not only a professional trained teacher in Chinese Language, but also she is skilled when it comes to moving her body to the rhythm of the music.
She told me that she began to dance when she was in primary school. She liked to participate in programs and events that included dancing, especially the Latin music and ballroom dancing. So at the age of 16 her interest led her to learn the basic steps of Latin rhythms. After that, she enrolled at a famous school of martial arts in Dengfeng and for half year learned Taiji and some traditional dances of China.
A few years ago she had the opportunity to teach Chinese language in Nepal; while there she participated in some school events where she taught the girls to dance different Chinese rhythms; and taking advantage of the 60 year anniversary of the foundation of the People’s Republic of China, she chose a dance that resembles a little the typical dances of India ,which roots are well accentuated in Nepal. In fact, the music is very different but there are some hips, arms and hands movements that are similar to the ones in the Hindu dances, which facilitated the learning by the pupils and the acceptance and enjoyment by the audience.
In the following video I want to introduce to you, my dear Majing dancing Zhulin Manwu (竹林曼舞) which means: Dancing in the Bamboo Forest. It is a dance of ethnic Dai, very popular in Yunnan province and which Majing learned self-taught only guided by a video. Additionally I commented that the most famous dancer of this style in China is Yang Liping. She is a woman, around 55 years old but she actually looks like she is 40, and it is said that to keep her body slim and fit she decided not to have babies in her entire life…
Check out the video!!


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